it seems to me we’re on all fours, crawling on our knees

Posted on October 7, 2008


gah. so tired these days. this weekend was an eventful and unnecessary lack of rest for me. but i had a fabulous time and made some new friends.

Saturday night, Tiff and Rex went to LoveFest without me, thanks to my slacking off earlier in the week, i only had Saturday to work on my Form Development homework.. so my plan to go join them was completely ruined. then i chose to miss the after party as well because i was severely sore from sitting in the same position for several hours in a row.

however, i did go to this party at like midnight at a classmate’s apartment .. well two classmates, i just knew one. and met a whole bunch of new IDS students who just joined us this semester. wow, their social life in the first month alone compared to what i’ve got going for the past 8 months?? so unfair.

anyways, after the party, the friend who picked me up was driving other people home, and he was gonna come back to get me because his car was full. either way, the two last people left at the party with me had their own cars and live too far and were far too drunk to live.. i mean.. to get home. plus the girl who they were supposed to crash with had already crashed at that apartment, taken up the bedroom of one of my classmates, leaving him with no pillows nor blankets on the most comfortable couch ever (if you’ve been to my place in Thailand, think white couches in the downstairs living room and the inside kitchen)

either way, them two dudes decided my friend didn’t have to come back for me since they both had cars they could drive me. here’s what happened after:

  • we got to my apartment, the guys were hungry, Tiffany was sleeping.
  • i invited them in, offered some leftover pizza and tacos.. of course, not before i woke Tiff up to let her know some people were coming in.
  • as soon as i turned around, done heating up stuff, they both were close to passing out.. on the floor.
  • they ate. and they never left the floor..
  • i had to wake Tiff up again to warn her that if in the morning she happened to get up before us and saw two dudes lying flat looking drunk to death, don’t freak out.
  • we fell asleep when we saw some sunlight.. was about 7 in the morning.
  • i woke up at noon, then one of them woke up because he heard me. then the other one got woken up by him.
  • Tiff slept til about 2pm, between the two hours, we just talked and dissed each other. haa.
  • we got ready, i made us some salmon for lunch, coffee for the guys
  • around 4-5pm we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, they drove us.
  • we all went to Sushi Rock. YUMMMMMM.
  • home time at 9pm. finally peace and quiet time with my lovely roomie.

so that’s it. 5 hours of sleep on Saturday night, 4 Sunday night because Tiff and i decided to watch True Blood, Entourage, and two episodes of Desperate Housewives. goodnight at 3am, good morning at 7:30am, hello teacher at 8:30am, goodbye security guard at 10:40pm.

so.. how was YOUR weekend?

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